Saturday, February 19, 2011

21 days!

three weeks from today! wow! today has been too much fun!
but first a recap on last night: we drove into vegas last night and made a pit stop at "our spot"
mr. d'z!
we would meet here half way when we dated and get root beer floats! brought gram harper, trina, jaymi and taylor there to experience it all! it was fun! then hit vegas!

today i got overly showered and blessed by the beautiful ladies from vegas! it was a "cup of joe" themed shower! and it was the cutest thing ever! the bridesmaids put on an amazing, perfectly crafted for me shower! we laughed a lot which is always fun! i got some outrageous goodies!

and in about an hour- we will head out for the night 1 of bachlorette party goodness! i'll post pics of that tomorrow! the single life for 21 more days! can't wait to be a mrs! xo

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Kailee said...

Looking forward to seeing the photos! Have fun Joeley-Hope! Love ya!