Thursday, July 22, 2010


i feel like my blog has turned from a single lil lady loving life blog to an obsession with my boyfriend blog. lol it's all because he is so wonderful.
so one night we were texting about dinner plans. he was going to take me out so he asked what kind of food i wanted. my reply: something similar to red velvet cafe (cause arizona doesn't have a rvc). so i come home from work, and see this lil note on my front door with this amazing man cooking me the best meal with a fresh bouquet of flowers, sparkling lemonade, fresh chicken salad and a dashing young man! it was so cute. i love him.


Jacque and Chad Sorenson said...

Joeley so glad to see everything is going good I miss you!

Love Jacque

Ashton + Brian said...

aww i love this!!! isn't it unreal when all of the sudden someone comes into your world and daily life is even better than girly movie scenes? i'm so happy for you :)

Brooke & Dallyn said...

Ha, what a sweet guy! I miss you, but it looks like your having fun falling in love. Hope to see you soon!

Ashlee and Rico said...

Who is this guy!? seriously? I LOVE IT! He is definitely a keeper! I'll be checking in on your blog for more stories about love!!