Saturday, March 6, 2010

i got some things to say.... or type!

first order of business.

a. alice in wonderland. saw it saturday. marvelous. but she really got me thinking... and i want to do is paint white roses red. and some of her wardrobe was stunning.

b. is it really march?! like- it's almost spring. i can start dusting off the flip flops and sun-dresses. oh this is a happy day!

c. the littlest things in life, bring me joy. there is the cutest lil asian couple at the end of my block. today, i drove past them and they were carrying the trash can to the curb together. i can't wait to do that (not take out the trash- but grow old with my man).

d. okay bachelor talk- vienna?! really?! even though i knew it, i was still pissed. okay- i'm over it. just had to get it off my chest one last time. kinda looking forward to jason and molly's wedding tonight! hollar!

e. my best friend whitney is engaged! ENGAGED people! now if this isn't love- i don't know what is?! i'm so stoked for them. it's going to be the fanciest wedding. and i'm going to have the most handsome date!

f. shout out to jillie and dane! they had their small intimate wedding in the mountains of santa barbara! i'm so stoked for these two. they are beautiful in every way.

g. another random.... i'm real tired of going places where people don't flush the toilet. like seriously, we aren't potty training here people! grow up and flush! i'm grossed out even writing about it. ew. (i better stop bloggin' before i offend some people)

h. and the reason i blog- to brag about my wonderful family.
my sister and jebron are having a babbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I'M GONNA BE AN AUNTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! i'm biased, but it will be the most beautiful or handsome baby. in the world.


Jessica said...

Congrats Auntie! and Ashley & her man...I agree they will have a gorgeous baby.

Linda Whitaker said...

I think from day 1... we all couldn't wait for them to get pregnant! Can't wait to see that beauty! Congratulations Thompson and Garcia family!

Megan Bleazard said...

What! Whitney is engaged!! That is awesome! Tell her congrats.

rachel said...

awwwwwwwww.......their baby will be so adorable......send ashley lots of hearts for me.

Jenna Moorea Schuette said...

best post yet!