Wednesday, February 10, 2010

bachelor talk...

okay bachelor-fan ladies. i have a confession for you. my friend from portland is friends with tenly... so after the show was done being taped, tenly came home (as they all do for 3 months while the show is being aired) and met up with my friend and told her how everything plays out. i begged my friend to tell me. she did. so i know who wins. but let's get a count!

how many are for:




okay- i know ali left last week but the previews show she might be coming back!? what do you think? i need your thoughts, opinions and heart-felt remarks.


The Facers said...

How about a need thoughts and opinions and I NEED the verdict! Ha! I think Vienna is straight crazy/weird and I really like Tenley and Gia, but I think Tenley will take it in the end and I hope she does, she is my favorite!

Let me know about that trade... ;0)

rachel said...

Why does everyone have so many babies?

Ashlee and Rico said...

I read that Vienna wins...but I really don't like her. Although she and Jake seem to be all over each other...serious sexual attration (how can this be? not to be totally rude but I think she looks like a man and so does rico)
I have a feeling vienna takes it. But I liked Gia too before he sent her home. Tenley is just awesome and so it ali...tell us!

Jenna Moorea Schuette said...

Ha. Girl you're cracking me up. Love the post! My bet is that in the end Jake brings Ali back and says goodbye to both Tenley & Vienna. (Ali's been my pick since day 1!) Who knows Tenley? Fal? (That'd be hilarious because they look SO alike!)