Sunday, November 18, 2007

smash and jbro

One of the most beautiful days of my life. I was so blessed and encouraged to see a pure love in Jesus and with each other this day. The union between my sister and Jebron, my new brother-in-law, made my spirit joyful. NOt only because we have a new wonderful addition to the family but because I get it... Only God put these two together. Every part of their relationship has been based on God and then the rest follows. It makes sense now. This pure love has been reflected in each of their relationships with God and now they are together demonstrating this love. It's just a beautiful thing.
I was the Maid of Honor and what an honor it truly was. This is a little poem I wrote to the two of them for my speech:

It all started with the idea of 7-7-07,
ever since then, you have both been in heaven.
Beginning with the lunch where Dad spilled the beans,
telling us of how Jebron was looking for his Mexi queen.
Ash could not stop blushing in the cheeks,
for she knew Jebron was no geek.
They started e-mailing and talking it out,
for a roadtrip, Smash and I were all about!
On our road trip up to Sac,
J-Bro got on his mac (and no I'm not talking about his lap top).
For there, they both had a blast,
and I instantly knew that this would last...

I love the unity God brought together on this day. For it wasn't just a man and woman coming together, it was two beautiful cultures and ethnicities, coming together, united before Christ.

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Robbie, Shanna, & Daisy said...

That was really an awesome day!!! Ashley looked really beautiful and sooo happy! Joeley you looked beautiful too! I just hope i get to meet this guy for real one day! Love you all!