Sunday, February 11, 2007

blue jean baby, la lady....

back in the hectic school routine,
doing my thing.
going to work at 4am,
serving fraps and lattes.
chapel after that,
worshipping my Jesus.
then follows art for awhile,
letting my creative energy out.
homework til i lay my head to rest,
with a little social hour before is what i do best.
school the next day from 11am til 10:30pm,
then repeat my routine again.

praying, waiting, and anticipating for the blessed saturday night.
where i am the happiest i have been all week.
la, my home away from homes,
after vegas- it just makes sense.
a city where God changed my life,
the place i can freely be alive.

la, la. some love it, some hate the smog.
my favorite part is saturday night,
on cahuenga and sunset.
it's going down.

i meet my friend boots and "his partner" on the street,
to chat, laugh, and get a hot meal.
my favorite part is daniel's headphones and drawings,
he is better than picassco in my opinion.
following mine and damien's heart to heart,
where he tells me of his love for his baby tatum.
can't forget about our jam session with sarrel (who one day WILL make it big),
with his guitar, he is for sure a rap star.
then the sweetie joann who has more faith in God than anyone else i know,
yet gets kicked out of church cause of her cart.
oh and not to quickly forget about sweet sweet samuel,
with his lovely locks in his eyes.
one of the most handsome five years old i have ever seen.

the homeless.
my friends.
my laughter.
my excitement.
my joy and pain.

i would not trade my saturday night for the world.

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