Wednesday, March 12, 2014

3 years

i can't believe i'm even writing this post (where does time go?!). 

3 years ago, me + trav said we do

i have the fondest memories of our wedding day. it flies by. i just paused throughout the day to take in the moments, the people, the commitment, the family + friends that supported us (+ continue to today). 

but the things i remember most, is life since the wedding. 

in three years we have :
 pursued the Lord as a team
burnt food + made some keepers in the kitchen
welcomed a new niece into the world (gracie girl, we love you)
gotten new jobs + promotions
have had more people sleep in our place than i can count
seen our friends become spouses + parents
traveled to new places
cooked dinners in our kitchen together (while sometimes having mini dance parties)
joined a church we really love
done denny's runs @ 3 am
had good, hard, life changing conversations
watched too many tv series
traveled internationally (mexico + africa)
moved into our home
have danced the night away @ CM parties
been to weddings + baby showers
experienced some of life sweetest + most bitter moments
paid off student loans + a car
hosted parties
continued traditions + started new ones
volunteered for different organizations

trav : you amaze me in more ways than you know. your commitment to the Lord, me + everything you do is a testament of your character. thank you for continuing to pursue me, everyday. you are my favorite boyfriend, lover, companion + the list could go on. thank you for continuing to say yes to me everyday. you are my world + i'm thankful God gave me you everyday.

i love you. happy anniversary from LA to PDX.

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