Thursday, October 3, 2013

day 3 : mittman love

day 3:

so, i'm already failing at the 31 day challenge. i completely skipped day 2! my baddddd! but i'm also proud of myself cause i blogged twice in three days (not a complete fail right?!).
today, i'm sharing one of my best friend's love stories. as you can imagine, watching this story unfold was a gift. i met whit freshmen year of college + since then we can't get enough of each other. she's a creative lady who makes the most magical events take place (whit mitt events shout out). her wedding to mark was one of them!
drumroll please.....
It all started in February 2009. Our mutual friend, Kelly, was having a birthday party…..we met and had some small talk, found out that we worked near each other, then went our separate ways.  Neither of us interested in pursuing a friendship or a relationship….
5 Months later, Whitney, in the hunt to set up her girlfriends up on dates with gentlemen she knew, reached out to Mark via Facebook.   Her hope was that he would be open to being set up on a date.  After many messages back and forth, they decided to meet for lunch at Cafe Beau Soliel at Fashion Island, a location close to both of their works at the time.  From the very first “hello” walking into the restaurant Whitney realized the she didn’t want to set him up with her friends anymore, but with herself instead…after lunch was over, they again went their separate ways, with no “let’s do this again” or “I had a great time I would like to get to know you better”…….
10 days later…the longest 10 days of Whitney’s life J….Mark called.  That phone  call became one of many and dates were soon planned.  It only took about 3 months for both of them to realize this was something special and 7 ½ months into dating they decided to make it forever….Mark asked to marry Whitney on February 19,2009 and on October 22, 2010 they were hitched in a  dreamy Walnut Grove….
“It’s been 3 years since we made a commitment to make our love last forever…. marriage has been a gift that keeps surprising us …every season brings ups and downs, but we grow stronger as a couple through it and thank God for bringing us together….cheers to many and many more years!!”

gorgeous model couple right?! God is so good in how He brings people together. makes my heart sing! stay tuned for tomorrow's love story! xoxo

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