Thursday, August 8, 2013

hello from Amsterdam!

when we landed in Amsterdam + headed to our connecting flight to find out the Nairobi airport had a crazy fire that burned majority of the airport. if we had traveled a day earlier, we would have been there during the fire. we are thankful for a God who goes before us + protects! so obviously they weren't flights landing in Nairobi so sweet delta has been so generous to us ( travel packs with xxl large white tees - trust me, I needed some clothes!). 

though it has been devastating to experience this + possibly not go to the Ethiopian part of our trip, we trust God had this planned for a reason. so we have learned to embrace His plan with joyful hearts. since we can't do anything about our circumstance - we might as well enjoy where we are + who we are with!

our team took a much needed trip into downtown Amsterdam since we are stranded! we toured, took pix + enjoyed buying some new clothes (we also don't have our luggage). 

I guess I only took one pix on my phone but here's where their union station is. beautiful architecture + buildings, canals for days and a crap load of bikes! I guess 750,000 people live here + there are 800,000 bikes! every where you look people are on them or have them parked in these awesome parking garages! everyone seems so fit! *side note : need to invest in Amsterdam bike! 

the plan is to hop a flight to Dubai + that will connect us to Nairobi! we head out this afternoon!

thanks for the prayers + kind words. we definitely feel them! love y'all + will keep you posted!

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