Thursday, July 11, 2013



dear diamondbacks:

i first want to say, ya'll are talented - straight up. thank you for using what the Lord has gifted you with. it's fun to watch ya'll play ball most of the time.

but lately, i hate to admit, it's been difficult. ya'll are leading NL west by 1.5 games - this is great, yet embarrassing. ya'll should be up more games than that!  14 innings to lose against the dodgers?! i know they have puig now and are on fire, but let's get it together. and ya'll were home! in YOUR element. with YOUR fans cheering YOU on. wearing 19 on YOUR jersey's! + we still got swept!?

here's the deal. growing up, i loved the dodgers. when i met my husband - i had to give up the dodgers to follow his #1 team, dbacks. i enjoyed going to games, getting on the kiss cam, practicing my snake bite, wearing my black + red. i put you as my #2 team on my top 5 sports teams (1. 49ers, 2. dbacks, 3. unlv running rebels basketball, 4. lakers, 5. APU cougs). that says a lot. so i believe in ya'll! i really do! i know you can continue on top. let's go for the wins! we got this fellas.

also, i would love to see my sweet dbacks lovin husband in good spirits again. so let's make it count tonight. make travy + gibson proud! and the rest of AZ!

good luck fellas. #snakebite


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