Tuesday, February 5, 2013

quinoa quail bowls

my sexy huntin' husband did a nice lil diddy for us.
in his last week of bird hunting, he killed a ton of quail {good work babe! bringing home the bacon... or bird!}
it's been in our freezer for two weeks and we decided to make some goodness happen!
so we made quinoa quail bowls!
he had already gutted the quail (or else he wouldn't have been allowed to put them in our freezer!). so he cut off the bones + into mouth size bites.
after that (i forgot to marinate them for the day), we put them in a skillet with some italian dressing. cooked those bad boys up!
mixed in the quinoa, brocoli + quail!
it was an easy, yummy dish for all you hunter's wives!
for all you non-huntin' people, get to hunting! JK. no but for real, come over for dinner sometime soon. i find that nothing is sexier than eating something my hubby killed!
hope ya'll have a great tuesday!

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