Saturday, December 15, 2012

scavenger {love} hunt

i told trav i wanted to take him on a date saturday morning. so i did.

i planned a scavenger hunt {6} months ago. i had to put my plan to action finally. here's how it went down.

he received his first clue with his coffee... {at home}

it told him to go to the place where it all started... {hint: i go there everyday}

it all started in a certain building called wilden. it's where we had 2 classes our Senior year. the clues talked of having the classes together and thinking he was a total babe!
 the {secret hint} then led him to an APU favorite: donut man. 


us getting down on our tiger tailz. yum! next clue: i gave him the address and told him this is how our love traveled the world... {totally tricked him on this one!}

he landed at delong's. delong's is THE place where we designed our senior shirts {the ones where he, noel and i designed and no one bought. lol}. it ended up being the way we communicated after we graduated. anywhere we would travel, the three of us would take a picture in our senior shirts and email them to each other. 

the next clue hinted that it's a place where we fed our sweet tooth. 


of course we hit up 21 choices {best fro yo in the world!}. unfortunately, they didn't get the memo so it was closed. we didn't want it anyway. 

the clue trav got at 21 basically said, this is where God has brought us from. i never want to forget the journey He had us on and continues to lead us on daily. just wanted to create a little fun scavenger hunt to keep it fresh + fun! 

some of the little notes that were planted everywhere by one of my favorite cupids... melissa, i love you. thanks for being apart of this. i owe you. xo

this scavenger hunt is a huge part of our love story. it's fun to be reminded of God's faithfulness. never lose sight of Him. 

hope ya'll have a great weekend! xoxo

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