Saturday, December 29, 2012

christmas vacation: vegas/brian head style.

Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year (welcome to the club right?!). the birth of Jesus. being with family. eating incredible meals around the table. laughing. opening gifts. drinking hot toddy's (oppps!), i meant hot coco's ;).
we were able to take a couple extra days off and head up to vegas early. here is a little re-cap of an incredible time in vegas + utah! (warning: there are a lot of pix!)

 runnin' rebels game (trav's first one!)

a thompson baby sandwich. little london + jet jet. two loves of my life. (neice+nephew)

utah time! snow mobilin' with my babe!

some cuddle time by fire place! loved every minute with the thompson's!

back in vegas! got our hot coco + bailey's and hit the water show. (this is one of mine+trav's favorite spots ever. he asked me to be his gf at olives - a restaurant that overlooks the water show {insert awwwww :) } ).

bellagio has the most beautiful Christmas decor.

my mom's first experience at bass pro shops (an outdoorsman's paradise)! it's one for the books! proud of you mama g. you handled that store + showed it whose boss!

now it's christmas morning! london got a bike! watch out world!

jet is just happy to be a michigan fan! he loved eating the wrapping paper too :)

thompson's christmas tree! with smash's beautiful frames!

christmas dinner with our family, the sacca's! could eat every meal in this gorgeous home!

game night! this got a little heated between some couples (who will remain annoymous), but was a wonderful way to wrap up the weekend!

as you can tell, it was a full week, with no dull moments! from basketball games, to snow, to hot dates, to quality family time, to shopping, to games, to presents, to family! one of my favorite christmas' yet!

hope ya'll enjoyed your time this Christmas.

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