Friday, July 20, 2012

fancy friday: give

my mom is a big giver. she loves to give her time, money + resources to others. i've always watched her and loved the way she does it so generously, without expecting anything in return. it's truly inspiring...

she's always looked at it like this: it's not mine anyways - it's the Lord's. 

i love that mentality. i have caught the giving bug! as small as it is, i have given away one dress + four pairs of earrings the past two weeks! LOL and it's SO fun! it's almost contagious.

my favorite story so far: today, a mom and daughter walked into our office looking for our welcome center. they seemed a bit overwhelmed so i offered to walk them there. in the midst of walking them there, i found out that they had sat in traffic for hours (LA traffic mixed with car crash traffic- the worst!). they were late for their tour and so on. i'm asking questions and getting to know them and the interest her daughter has in our school. so as she is talking, she looks at me and says: you have the cutest outfit - look at those earrings! so i start taking them off and handed them to her. she was FLOORED for the rest of our walk that i took them out of my ears and gave them to her. she kept saying, are you sure? i think her daughter was embarrassed but the mom was so overcome with joy - it was cute. she gave me a hug as she departed for the tour and thanked me again.

my encouragement on this fancy friday: give! whether it be time, money, resources, or maybe some cute earrings! LOL catch the giving bug. it's contagious! 


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