Thursday, March 1, 2012

march madnesssss!

i love march. there are so many good reasons to love this month! i'll name a few....

my dad! it's his 50th b-day so we are headed to vegas to celebrate his beautiful life! can't wait for the weekend activities. i'll definitely post some pix.

then head back home to start my first day of work at azusa pacific! ahhh! soooo stoked. what an honor and joy to be back there. i'll be an admissions counselor so all you high schoolers- i'll be out for you + your application to APU :)

(watch this video and you will know why i can't wait!)

next weekend is our anniversary! ONE YEAR baby! wow! i cannot believe how fast that went! i remember blogging everyday up until the wedding and it's already been a year?!
we are headed to santa barbara to celebrate. i planned the whole weekend and trav has no idea what activities we are participating in! i am SO excited. i love my husband more + more by the second. what a good man i married. thank you LORD!

celebration of two of my sisters/best friends birthdays! smash + jordan! these girls are my bests. i am so happy we get to celebrate another year of each of their lives!

then... wait for it.... SPRING TRAINING 2012! a reunion of some of our nearest, dearest (college) friends for a weekend of baseball! phoenix! and a whole lot of fun!

AND don't forget a lil basketball in the mix. march is full of goodness! bring it on!

march madness 2012.

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