Wednesday, July 13, 2011

long weekend :)

I feel like we travel a lot on the weekends but when we are here- they are jammed pack!

this past weekend was exactly that! we did dinner with our friends Friday night- baby shower Saturday afternoon, antiqued shopped and had a coffee at our favorite local joint- lux.
(lux- our favorite lil hot spot)

then had a fabulous girlfriend over for dinner. we are planing a party that I will hopefully soon tell you about....then Sunday we did church- afternoon movie and gelato- and game night with some of our youth kids! if you haven't played the game of things then you are missing out! classic!

Monday we spontaneously drove downtown to watch the Homerun derby at a bar- close to the stadium. we tried scalping tickets and I told trav we wouldn't spend more than $60. I felt funny cause we were negotiating between two different sellers. anyways- we scored $370 seats for $60. my husbands entire week - if not month- was made! we had a great time!

(my cutie husband so excited!)

(kemp- probably my favorite ball player)


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