Sunday, July 17, 2011

doop scoop.

today is national ice cream day! who would have thought that could be a holiday? well i'm sure glad it is. i tell ya, i LOVE fro yo, but it all started with a love for ice cream.
i remember being in elementary school and riding our bikes to thrifty's ice cream in desert shores. there was nothing like that bubble gum ice cream (now it sounds disgusting- then it was the best!). so in honor of the holiday- me and trav searched our iPhone's for just that! we ended up in the ghetto with a hole in the wall store called thrifty's but definitely wasn't thrifty's ice cream.
so we celebrated with some custard instead! it was yum! especially on a day like today! 112 degrees! who lives in this kind of weather?!?!?!

hope you get your ice cream on today!

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