Tuesday, April 5, 2011

good 'ol Vegas!

every time i go home- i really miss it. i love being with my family, seeing my friends, and just being home. this trip home was short but totally sweet.

started it off with a baby shower for my girl katelyn! she looks FABULOUS! it was fun to see some high school girlfriends too!

then after- we had a vegas reception! it was super mellow- a fun dessert party! it was smaller than our wedding which was nice cause we got to connect with everyone!

( a little centerpiece action)

(the table full of food- our caterer even made root beer float cupcakes! yum!)

(me and my handsome husband socializing)

(jk- la... where is the m and b?! missed you brookie and megz.)

(our niece- london! isn't she perfect?!)

anyways- thanks for coming out everyone. it was fun to put that dress on again and sass it!


Megan Bleazard said...

You looked SO beautiful! I am sad I missed your open house! I hate Iowa these days. Look how cute Katy's and Linda's bellies are!! I miss you, hopefully I can see you this summer I will be in Vegas for two months!

Jessica said...

You look beautiful Joeley. I'm so glad everything was so special for you on your wedding day:)

Brooke & Dallyn said...

Joeley- you look so beautiful! Even my dad told me how pretty you looked at your reception! I'm sorry I couldn't be there! I hope you got my gift! Congratulations to you and the Mr.You guys make the perfect couple! Lets get together next time your in town!

Linda Whitaker said...

Oh.... my.....belly....It's only from pictures I realize how large it is... and pointy! And Dave is right.... you were stunning!