Thursday, March 24, 2011

late but worth the wait!

this post is extremely late, but i did write the last three days of my single life.

3 days:
the bridal party is 87% here!!!!!! i looked at trav tonight and said- these people are here for us. he could not even grasp it! neither could I. this is too good!

I can't wait for Saturday, but I don't want this to end!

("Jesus Crist" paid for our bill! lol)

2 days:
wow. the feelings i have right now are too much. i'm taking it all in- soaking it up. my heart is so full! with each person that arrives- i get more and more excited!

i can't believe it's what we've been planning for 8 months!

recap of day- brunch at 204. spring training with bridal party. mani and pedi. true foods with girls. yogurtology with crissa, coley, and rest of gang. so excited!

(us at spring training)

1 day:
i can't believe i don't have a "s" at the end of days!

it is here! officially here! from set up to rehearsal dinner- it's been a dream come true! i cannot believe i get to marry my best friend tomorrow!

rehearsal dinner was wonderful. it's so good to have everyone here. from rehearsal to the dinner- me and trav got to drive alone there and had some good quality time for ten min! it was great catching up with him and just being one on one. i got to tell him about my heart and morning walk which was nice. and hear about bachelor party (not all details fellas :) ).

i love him so much! here we go!


is the day! my heart is so full!

(our hotel room number was 312!)


PJ said...

Mine was too, and still is... love you guys very much!

Ashton + Brian said...

so excited for you!! there is nothing, nothing, nothinggg better than being married. after counting down forever, isn't it so surreal to actually hit THE day?? i kept thinking, "This is it? It's here? I'm really getting married? It's actually happening?!" i am SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!