Tuesday, March 1, 2011

11 days!

i was thinking today, in the tanning bed, that i am like esther! just preparing myself for my prize! the beauty treatments have begun! first- the tanning bed (only once). a nice appointment with my esthetian on monday. and manicures and pedicures right before the wedding! and working out and whitening my teeth (when i remember) sometimes in between all this!

it's been fun preparing, but i know trav would love me if my eyebrows were whack, if my nail beds haven't been groomed in a while, and if i had white splotchy skin!

my only question is: how do guys prepare?!


Anonymous said...

Girl, I know you are going to be busy, but please do not forget the pedi. We do not want to hear any stories of switchblade toenails on the wedding night.. OK!
Love you and GO GET ESTHERED UP!!!

Robyn said...

ESTER preparing yourself for the KING..