Thursday, February 17, 2011

23 days!

you know your day is going to be a challenge when, to start off the day, you burn yourself on your stomach with your curling iron!

so after that, it was a LONGGGGG day! work is busy but overwhelming, the wedding is getting closer (which is the best thing! duh!), but overwhelming! so i was feeling a lil emotional tonight when i met up with trav. we ran up to the durkin ranch, which is the venue our wedding's at,
(sneak peek)
and then to the harper's (trav's uncles house) where the rehearsal dinner is. and i thought to myself: get over your bad day. you have amazing people surrounding you, helping with the wedding! and you are going to burn yourself with your curling iron many more times, and have a lot going on at work, but at the end of those crappy days, you have someone to go home to and process, laugh, cuddle, and be with! what a blessing God brings us! someone to do life with! i get goosebumps thinking that i get all of that with trav in 23 days!


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Robyn said...

jojo... ENJOY.... yourself... remember in 3 weeks you will no longer be a MISS... you will be the 5th Mrs. Harper...