Wednesday, February 23, 2011

17 days!

(sorry for the lateness- my iphone won't let me blog?!?! written- february 23)

so today at work, a co-worker asked how wedding plans were coming. i told her, "they are coming! just can't wait to be married!" then she says, " ya it's weird, after you get married, you have all this free time on your hands, and you actually get your social life back!"

we laughed, but i thought about this all day! and then wondered and wanted to ask, what were some of the first things you did as newlyweds?


Anya said...

Hi joeley..
Other then the obvious new activities you gain as newlyweds, angelo and i looved to host movie nights and have people come over to OUR place :) it was (is) a great feeling to have your own little nest..

Linda Whitaker said...

starts with an s

Linda Whitaker said...

as in socializing

Linda Whitaker said...

I disagree actually about the social life. You guys may be social. But we weren't, still not really. We mostly enjoy small retreats to the outdoors. There's nothing better.

fallon said...

don't be social. enjoy time with just each other and have lots of sex!

Whitney said...

Sleeped in, and went on long walks together in our neighborhood. Being active helps with alot of things. :) Getting back to the real world after wedding planning is refreshing. Many times I called friends and asked them "What have you been doing the past 6 months, that I had wedding brain". But take time to nest with each other! People give you a free pass after you get married, becuase they understand. :) You are busy doing all the fun stuff as a newlyweds!!