Thursday, December 9, 2010

George W. Bush!

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! tis true! i met the most wonderfully kind President G.W. Bush! WOW! what a memory!

trav told me he would be in phx on thursday, today, dec. 9. so yesterday, i had to stand in line, at barnes & noble for 2 hours to buy a book from them and get a wristband. the blue wristband guaranteed you a signed book! i got the golden (or blue) ticket :) i was in!

so we woke up, at 5:30am. this morning. to get to barnes & noble early to go through security and see my friend, gwb. trav didn't even have a wristband (he had to work! who doesn't take off to meet the President?!?! even just for a couple hours!), but he kindly waited in line with me for 2 hours. then he left for work.

the line started moving around 8:30am. by 9:30am, i was in barnes & noble. only to see that i had more waiting to do! the line seemed forever. i finally see the black curtain that he was behind! there is hope (and not the Obama kind :) jk libies aka liberals)!

i spot him! i can't get over his cuteness! i tell the woman in front of me, who i kindly befriend after waiting in line with her for 3.5 hours, oh he's so cute! i kept saying it!

then it's my turn, everyone is rushing your through the line (all the workers and secret service men). and i tell the barnes & noble woman who directs me up to him next: you're so lucky- you get to see him allll morning! he's so cute! she laughed and said- ya i am!

i'm eye to eye with george w. bush, he is sitting behind the table, which was on a platform. i look at him and say: OH MY GOSH you're so cute! he starts laughing and with his fat TX accent replys- well i don't think anyone's ever called me cute before! we start laughing and i go- can i have a hug?!?! he leans over the big a** (sorry for the language but i must paint an accurate picture and the table was HUGE) table, and gives me a BIG hug and says- thanks for coming out! i walked away saying- oh my gosh he's just soooo cute!

lol. what a memory! and a story to tell! he really was the cutest. of everything i practiced saying ("you looked great on oprah!" "loved you in the white house!" "thanks for the tax cut for the next 2 years" a simple "i love you!") and all i can tell him is how cute he is?!?! LOL

all this to say: GO BUY THE BOOK! i cannot put it down! i'm loving every second of it! you will too.

God bless America!


Jessica said...

All I have to say Joeley is that YOU ARE SO CUTE:) How wonderful you got to meet him...we need him again.

Robyn said...

you will meet more men and women in office... this was just the beginning... you also meet dan quayle who was vice president when you were 4 years old~

Ashton + Brian said...

ahhhh hahaha I ALWAYS SAID HE WAS CUTE TOO!!!! SERIOUSLY! my high school friends thought i was really weird for that. those liberals just didn't appreciate his cuteness.