Monday, October 25, 2010

all in a week....

i am TERRIFIED of scorpions. well, i live in a desert so what should i expect?
i found one in my tub at 1am. i called trav, told him to wake up, come over and kill it. after 15 minutes of encouragement (over the phone), i finally killed my first scorpion. although this is not an elk, or deer, i still consider it an accomplishment.

we bought our first car! a honda pilot! holllllar! okay- so it's not my Mercedes but I LOVE IT. it's practical, cute, and can fit a family of 8!

we went to a diamondbacks game with my mom and her best friend doris. trav knows the vp of marketing there and he got us the best tickets. on top of having killer seats, great hot dogs and beer, trav surprised me and got us first on the kiss cam! i was shocked when i saw us up there! i leaned over, and LAID one on him! everyone around us was cheering so loud! the lady behind us told us we won the best kiss of the night! haha it was so fun!


Jessica said...

Scorpion in the bathtub...that sounds like a horror film. Your brave for killing it. We got a pilot too! It's a great car:)

Megan Bleazard said...

Shut up, I am so jealous right now.. One that you killed a scorpion. That is pretty bad ass! Two you bought a HONDA PILOT we have been looking at them! Do you love it?