Friday, April 30, 2010


the latest and greatest obsession in my life right now are these two things....

coconut m&m's. i will drive to az to find these. and seeing my handsome man is a bonus. no but seriously. i did not think m&m's could have come up with something more brilliant. these are amazing. if you find these in vegas, tell me where. the only place i have seen them in m&m world and i don't need to go down to the strip every time i crave these.

tea rooms. i told travis that i want to collect teas from all over the world like people do with wine. (when i was in singapore, this lady had tea from 100 years ago and it was literally the most delightful liquid i have ever put into my mouth. so since then, i have been inspired) so he got me the cutest teavana set (and spoiled me with A LOT of other stuff i'll tell you about later! lol) for my birthday of precious white peach (which smells DIVINE) and jasmine dragon pearls! and this cutie mug to let the tea leaves soak in for 5 mins. so fun. so all this to say, when i have my own house one day, i'm definitely have a tea room. (so if you are a tea drinker- you are welcome over)


Travis said...

I am saving some Coconut M&Ms to share with you when you come back to me.

As far as the tea room goes, I think it's brilliant. I cannot wait to uncover all the hidden treasures in the world of tea. Since I am a novice, I can't wait to learn, and learn with you.

Do I have to make a reservation to dine in the tea room?


Jenna Moorea Schuette said...

LOVE this idea! (Although I'm sticking to my wine cellar. So morning tea at your place and evening wine at mine!)