Wednesday, January 27, 2010

it's official!

i am dating this handsome studly man TRAVIS HARPER!
bloggers- meet trav. we met in college (there is too much to say about the in-between) and the rest is history :)
i haven't had a boyfriend in a long time, i'm talking 5 years! so to say that i have a boyfriend is a big deal! lol so trav is a big deal.
anyway, thought you would enjoy! cause i am :)


Ashlee Jensen said...

Sooooo cute!! Now kiss him already!! I especially loved the quote someone told you about being a ladybug flying around loving on true and perfect. You are awesome!!
Your man sounded amazing and perfect as well...I'm so happy for you!

Matt and Katelyn said...


Ashton + Brian said...

aww YAY!11 i'm with ashlee, more kissy pictures soon! :) haha i'm so excited for you. thrilled to hear you are happy!

The Facers said...

You guys look so great together! I'm really happy for you and new romance!!!