Monday, August 10, 2009


went a lil something like this...

cooking dinner for the homeless.
my little brisa from the orphanage.
me and sara getting it on the bus. music comes on and we are all over the place. (so american i guess?)
our daily caffeine fix.
made a picnic for the kids @ orphanage. it was freeeeeezing cold. and of course, they don't make it look colder than 75 degrees! lol
me cutting hair! lol funny story! i told them my sister was a hair dresser and they assumed since we were related that i knew how to cut hair too. so they asked me for the latest and greatest. i gave them exactly that! lol
@ the orphanage.
isabella's 1st birthday. my friend daniela and chad's daughter.

the trip was a blast. they were a lot more pics taken that i haven't gotten a chance to get on my computer but that's all i got! til next time... un beso chau chau argentina!


Megan & Brock said...

Girl you aint touching my do! haha J/K

Ashton said...

this looks awesome! what an amazing experience!