Saturday, April 18, 2009


shout outs to my newly engaged friends!

my dearest ASHTON HAWKER! get him girl! haven't met your fiance but can't wait to learn about him! i'm excited for ya'll and giggle when i think that i'm the LAST one left! it was the two of us but you got a man now :) love it! love you!

JILLIE RYAN and dane! i love this free spirit child. she met dane in her hometown of santa barbara, fell in love, and they traveled to portugal together (where he's from), lived in tree houses, and are now getting married! i love you beanie! soooo stoked!



The Facers said...

Joeley, we need a better shot of Ashton's man then that! I have never seen him before! I am so excited for her though, you are such a good friend!

Ashton said...

You are soo sweet!!! I love you! I'm sorry to bail on our club, but i still feel a pretty strong bond between us :) You're DARLING.

and maybe I should make a post... haha