Wednesday, February 25, 2009

sock match.

i had this wild revelation today. so i nanny (shout out to all nanny's) and help with whatever i can around the house while the three girls are @ school. therefore, i do laundry. well, i have this sock pile, with all sorts of socks, mostly not matching ones obviously. anyways, i've been doing their socks for over 9 months right. well the first sock i found without a match broke my heart. then today, 9 months later (that's like straight having a baby!) I FOUND THE MATCHING SOCK! then i start trippin thinking, socks are like relationships. everyone has to find their perfect match (shout out to linda and reggie on the engagement!). so then i was like, i just haven't found my perfect sock match yet! this goes to show, to all my single ladies (all 2 or 3 of you), to not settle on just any mismatched sock! WAIT for that right sock match because it will come! i promise. i was given proof today. brought tears to my eyes!


rachel said...

I love this!

Jessica said...

Joeley...I love your special thought and I will never look at socks the same:)

Diana said...

You are such a doll! Great point. Can't settle for that.
Yeah because you're in deep doo doo when you've only got an ankle sock and a knee high to wear... when you only have a cute skirt to wear. CHAOS!!
It's so true girl. I love it!

Linda Bandley said...

You're hilarious. I better see you Saturday. I want to squeeze you!