Wednesday, November 12, 2008

so i got a tattoo.

the final product.
during. it tickled @ first then hurt a little.
before, all smiles. haha

the beginning of this month- i was in san diego with jordan and kayla. we were just cruising the beach on our bikes and saw a tattoo parlor. jordan said- you have to get a tatt! how fun would that be? i said, sure- why not? (i have never wanted a tatt but i wanted to do something spontaneous). so i got one! it's my middle name- hope. and it's my signature.
i adore it. it's small and cutie- kinda like me.


Nicole said...

you are way toooooo cute! i miss you jo...come visit!

Linda Bandley said...

You are hilarious! What did your parents say? I think it is cute. If I ever got one, it would be the exact same one as you. Does Jordon have a tattoo? And, I like your comment about the President. I couldn't agree more and I didn't vote for him either.

Jessica said...

You're a brave woman! Your new tat is very cute and you....If I ever got a tattoo it would be of a naked lady or something cliche like that, ha ha!

Ashton said...

ahh joeley i love it!!

rachel said...

p.s your tattoo is adorable.