Wednesday, July 2, 2008

las vegas to seattle.

with some long time friends.
end of our journey.

catchin my flight out of sea-tac.
driving from oregon to washington!
her aunt's home on the beach. can we say nicholas sparks?
in southern washington.
she never stopped impressing me!
finally to seattle!

just got to OOOOOOOregon.

in oregon with anya baby.
my front yard in azusa.
leaving our lovely home in azusa:( me whit tiff and lp.
broken down on the 5! the cop had to stop traffic while our car got towed! only with us.
we hate the price of gas!
 redding with christian having some starbucks and good chats.

one girlfriend lp needed a friend to drive from california to seattle with her. so i volunteered. why not? my parents and i left vegas on a thursday night and ended up in azusa early in the morning. then me and lauren headed up the 5, only to break down an hour out of la. so we got towed, and ended up in sacramento at 11pm. dinner with some friends there then headed to yuba city (where my parents met) and stayed with my aunt. then left the next morning, headed up to redding and saw another friend. we planned on going to northern oregon and staying with one of my girlfriend's but guess what happened? we drove in the WRONG direction for 2 hours! we were about 5 hours from where we needed to be. it was wild. so we finally got there after driving up the crazy 101 while it was pouring rain and getting pulled over by the po po! anyways, from vegas to seattle, it was the best road trip of my life! thanks lp for the laughs and good times! the pics are all out of order but you get the point!


Anonymous said...
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Ritardo "Gar the Conqueror" said...
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Nikki said...

jo. Why are you such a baller? I can't believe you grduated college...and you're 22! Can't wait for you to get married!!

The Facers said...

WOW, that house looks amazing. Look at you miss traveler! I love it!